Accuvalve is a low pressure air valve technology proven in the USA and embraced by the HVAC market right around the world.

Critical air balancing projects in Australia and New Zealand can now benefit from the unique features of the low pressure Accuvalve range, offering significantly lower operating pressures and precise, fast and linear control of HVAC projects with critical balancing and pressure regimes.

Multiple AHR award winner

Accuvalve has been awarded by AHR in USA in 2008 and 2016, recognizing that this technology represents the first real advance in air balancing technology for around 30 years

As well as offering precise and low pressure air control, Accuvalve can be ordered in various configurations to suit your application.

Materials: Aluminium, SS304, SS316, or Teflon
Actuator speed: 1 second or 45 seconds
Edge finish: Slip joint or flange
Controls: Actuator only, or with Bacnet control