With all the progress in lab design, safety is still first.

Hazardous Goods
World leading technology for storage of Flammable and corrosive materials.

Who is Asecos?

Asecos is a German company, whose passion for safety storage has been the driving force behind this advanced range of storage cabinets now offered right around the world. Through continually working with regulatory bodies in Europe, this company has designed and built the safest and most ergonomic range of safety cabinets on the market today.

Asecos and Type 90

Type 90 is a term used to describe cabinets which are guaranteed safe for 90 minutes in the case of a fire. This is increasingly important to many stakeholders in todays research facilities, and is now recognised as the leading standard for safety storage of flammable materials in laboratory buildings.

Type 90 cabinets by Asecos comply to the internationally recognised standard EN14470, and exceed the requirements of Australian standard AS1940.

Clients across Australia and New Zealand are now benefiting from a new approach to storage of flammable liquids, due to the high level of safety offered by Asecos cabinets.